How can I get thicker hair in my 40s with peppermint oil?

The peppermint oil is the essence of mint plant in an oil extracted. Some peppermint oils are stronger than others.

The strongest types of oils are manufactured using modern distillation techniques, which are the ones you use to treat different ailments of your body; in this case the properties of peppermint oil for hair will be focused, as this oil can be used for hair treatment for thin hair for 40 year olds.

The essential oil of peppermint is the most common type of peppermint oil available for purchase in stores of your city. It happens to be used for beauty, health, and cleanliness. People suffering from thinning hair, can use this oil to get thicker hair in my 40s.

Peppermint happens to contain an element called menthol. It is the major element that carries the advantages you seek for your hair.

At the same time this active principle of the mint plant is responsible for creating that sensation of freshness at the same time as that special and characteristic aroma of mint.

What is peppermint oil in your hair for?

Why use peppermint oil as part of your usual hair hygiene routine to strengthen the beauty and care of hair you will see in this article.

From the outset indicate that its fragrance is pleasant and is popularly found in shampoos, skin creams and other cosmetic products for your skin and your hair. It can be used in hairstyles for women over 40 to fix the volume in the form of spray.

As it is indicated peppermint oil may be known for providing benefits for skin care, but its use is also good for hair and scalp. It can help with dryness, itching or other scalp problems.

What is the origin of peppermint oil?

At present it is thought that mint has its origin in the European continent, although it is a fact that cannot be affirmed 100%, there is no evidence to prove it since mint can also be found in areas such as North Africa or in much more remote areas like the Asian continent.

Of what it is sure is that when the ancient man discovered the mint the use of the plant in medicinal and therapeutic applications was inevitable, in modern times the mint as such has been replaced by countless products manufactured by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies of personal care and hygiene that include it among its components.

The advantages of peppermint essential oil use to be illustrated as

  • It is antimicrobial
  • It is insecticide and pesticide
  • It has analgesic and anesthetic characteristics
  • Peppermint oil is vasodilator (and vasoconstriction)
  • In a great natural anti-inflammatory

Some people have used peppermint oil as a remedy for hair loss. Possibly this effect is achieved thanks to the menthol vasodilator conditions, and vasodilators improve blood flow.

In many cases (as in female or male pattern baldness), hair loss occurs due to poor blood flow to the hair follicles. Increasing circulation with a vasodilator such as peppermint could potentially improve hair growth and prevent its loss.

Menthol also imparts a fresh smell and a tingling sensation to the skin and scalp. You can notice these benefits by adding peppermint essential oil to your most common hair hygiene products such as shampoos, this way you will add an extra property to that shampoo such as stopping hair loss.